sabato 17 marzo 2012

Tea house

A "tea house" or "tea room" is a venue centered on drinking tea
Its function varies widely depending on the culture.
In some countries the tea rooms are traditional spaces, for example England, China and Japan, with their particular style.

Today tea rooms are diffused on every continent. 
Their project are study with a new "Minimalism design". 

Some image of interiors:

Luxury House Interior Design by Thomas Chan

Some image the architectural projects:

Bridging Tea House, by Fernando Romero
The design attempts to unify the two fundamental elements of a Chinese garden -- the bridge and the teahouse -- into a single structure. 

Zen Tea House In Your Own Backyard

Kengo Kuma's inflatable tea house
Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has installed a modern tea house in the garden of theMuseum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt. 

What a beautiful tea house by architect Terunobu Fujimori. Created this super-tall, super-small (he can't sit up straight inside the tea room) building. 

Shigeru Ban – Paper Tea House (2011)
The Low-tech, adaptable and recyclable qualities of the structures are consistent with Ban’s ethical and environmental footing. 

You can  build the tea house with the instructions find in this website.

In this site you can play design your ideal tea room. I created this room.

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