domenica 22 aprile 2012

Metal Style.

Jewels of the Roman.

Bracelet created with antique nails.

Copper is the metal of Venus, for this reason, wearing a copper bracelet on his left arm draws a lover .

Lace effect.

Delfina Delettrez Style.

Manuganda : Cuffs. 

Louis Vuitton Collar.

Clutch felix rey.

Paco Rabanne: original dress.

Paco Rabanne:
 inspired by ancient Rome.

Giles dress.

The past in the present.

Paco Rabanne.

Lady Gaga : metal corset.

Lady Gaga:  the other side of  metal.
Cloth metal effect.
Inspiration for a simple metallic look.

All images in this post were found on google images, therefore we thank the authors for those imag

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