venerdì 4 maggio 2012


The little black dress was born in France in 1926 under the name of Petite Robe Noire (Black Small). The creator is Coco Chanel.

Marlene Dietrich.
Portrait: Hans Steiner, football match, Wankdorf Stadium, Berne, 1935.
Portrait: Hans Steiner, The aviator Fritz Schreiber, in the company's ski champion Gritli Schaad, after a new record of gliding (flight operated with a glider without an engine), 1936.

Vintage photos: wedding.

Bérénice Bejo in" The Artist" interprets Peppy Miller.


Show business...Ginger Roger.

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

In the thirties the dots reach the fashion, in micro format, usually blacks or blue backgrounds.

The zip was created in 1851 but in 1937 that goes into fashion thanks to the publicity that explained the ease in dressing without help.

Fiat 508 of 1933.

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